Happy New Year Wishes 2016

New Year wishes are very important to send the others, these wishes just justified that how much care will you done to others. There are many wishes which are best and you can easily send t your colleague and your friends.

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Best Happy New Year Wishes 2016

  • College days are always best for every youngster because it is full of fun and new events
  • Best are these days Best are my friends I am sure this New Year will also be great When friends like you are always ready to have fun! Happy New Year BFF
  • It’s a public service message to all the nerds out there who always study and never take part in enjoyments and party.
  • Hey, you, listen to me! It New Year babes So at least close your books today Don’t be a nerd on the first day Otherwise I am going to throw you out of the class in the humblest way Happy New Year dude!
  • A fun-loving message to all those who think that what you do on the very first day of year, will happen throughout the year.
  • Reading Pharmacology on the very first day, Hoping that whole year you will get good grades But dear let me tell its new year not a magical wand To turn your life up in a single day Happy New Year!
  • Eating Chocolate This message is for those who love to eat chocolates and are crazy for it like a mad.
  • Happy New Year 2016
  • You are eating chocolate? Let me taste one too! You eat Cad bury And give me flakes and kit Kat too Yes, it’s yummy just like you, So close your eyes and give me the rest I’ll pray a good luck wish for you Thank you, Happy New Year!
  • Making everybody realize this year that never kill your joys and fun loving character of one’s self. Its better to enjoy every moment of life!
  • When you are happy clap your hand, Let everybody know that you are mad, But listen, it fun doing so It makes you alive when the whole world is dead Happy New Year!
  • Proposing someone in the best way to make them realize that you are worth being in their life.
  • Yes I know I’m the Best, Better than your X, And better than next, Sweeter than your cupcake, And stylish than your favorite ideal, So this New Year it’s a chance for you To make your life appealing with me So grab your phone and let’s meet today To start a new day, a new life and new beginning Happy New Year!
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  • Promoting education in society, which is the key factor to eliminate disrespect and poverty.
  • Educate, not to gain money or fame But to look generous and gain respect Educate to have a simple and happy life Not to just find a beautiful wife. This New Year gives you one more chance to gain knowledge, So avail it and make your life worth living Happy New Year!
  • Good wishes to youngsters to motivate them that they can do great in life and can invent things.
  • Mobile, laptops and I pads are invention of 21st century Slowly and gradually moving to robots Making life more complex and simpler other way This 2016 will also bring new inventions And I hope you will also become the inventor of great thing one day Happy New Year 2016
  • Game with food names and turning this New Year a tasty food festival.
  • I love Chinese But I also love Italian So cook chicken Manchurian And also Italian pasta So when I come to your home on this New Year eve You could welcome me with tasty meal! Happy New Year 2016

2016 First Good Morning Messages

Good morning my all family and my friends. This morning send you many messages to stay with us and enjoy this year.
  • Good morning dear friends, Happy to see you all, Hoping to see you every day, But today is a special day, The beginning of New Year, Reminding of our friendship, That began last year on the same day. Happy New Year 2016
  • New Year has come, Now again same cycle of months, But with new hopes and new desires New morning and new companions Wishing you a very Happy New Year Good Morning!
  • Kill all you bad deeds And put it under soil Today is a fresh morning of fresh 2016 Make it a blessed year with every move you make Have a Happy New Year!
  • Angels are everywhere Sometimes in a baby And sometimes in an innocent lady What makes you see an angel, is a pure heart This morning of 2016 has brought new angels And I wish all of them a blessed future a head!
  • New Year Sms 2016 For Someone Special

  • Happy New Year 2016 To the one who Makes my life special by his presence
  • Happy New Year 2016 To the very special person In my life
  • May Allah grant All the goodness of life To you this year Happy New Year 2016
  • I hope your life treats you In a special way And makes you It’s favorite Happy New Year 2016
  • Thank you for being there And making my life As special as You are to me Happy New Year 2016
  • This wish is For the most special person In the world Happy New Year 2016
  • May Allah make everything Beautiful for you This New Year Happy New Year 2016
  • I wish we will spend Life Together in Year 2015 I wish we will spend a Happier Life Together Wish You a Happy New Year
  • O My dear! I wish You Happy New Year from the Core of My Heart I hope this year will become a Jolly Year for You I hope Our Love Increase in this Year
  • You Make My Life Happy When you accepted me as Your Life Partner Wish You a Very Happy New Year 2015
  • Some More Happy New Year Text Msgs 2016

  • Instantly the discussion whispers get up, Show up and increase. May this season is the Performance for you.
  • I wish to hold up against in the fight you may begin on The new season celebration…. Anticipating you a pleased evening Of the endowed new season… Happy New Year 2016
  • New Year Wishes 2016
  • May wishes become reality in this season…. Wishing you effective wishes forward…. Happy New Year 2016
  • Never error for previous times, May you accomplish the aim later on…
  • Spread satisfaction, move kilometers, be current at trials May this season provides achievements, Pleasures and wants the better way of way of lifestyle.
  • You are a unique one in my life I will always value you Thank you for being a aspect of my life
  • It’s been a joy getting together with you How did I get so lucky? But you have been a big assistance for me Stay the same, remain blessed Happy New Year
  • I don’t know When and how You became the unique one in life What so ever, I can’t keep you behind Stay in my way of way of lifestyle, never keep me behind Happy New Year 2016
  • Love you type the primary of my heart Happy New Year, my amazing one People like you are
  • New Year just coming Stay with friends and fellows Don’t be sad Just happy and enjoy with your friends